Anna Vines | Office Manager | Expound Wealth Management TX

Anna Vines

Office Manager
(469) 409-7283

Anna Vines, Office Manager, plays a central contact role at Expound Wealth Management, striving to ensure seamless operations and client communications.

Anna holds a degree from Southern Methodist University, a testament to her academic prowess. With years of experience as a volleyball player during college, Anna has internalized what it means to be and function as part of a high-efficiency team. This foundation in teamwork and detailed focus are invaluable attributes she brings to her role at Expound Wealth Management.

Before her entry into the world of wealth management, Anna worked as a middle school teacher, a career point where she dedicated 14 years to shaping minds and building futures. Her commitment to education and personal development is evident in her current administrative role, where she creates an environment of growth and learning within the workplace.

Residing in Prosper, TX, Anna's life outside the office is no less dynamic than her work life. She is happily married and a proud mother of two talented daughters who mirror their mother's dedication to extracurricular excellence—one in the musical realm with the French horn and the other on the volleyball court. Anna also currently serves as the coach for a club volleyball team. The Vines household is made complete with their beloved French bulldog, Casper.

When she’s not ensuring the administrative forces of Expound Wealth Management are efficiently marshalled, you may find Anna watching sports or spending time with her family.